Swatantrata Sainik Samman Scheme Application Form 2019


Swatantrata Sainik Samman Scheme 2019-20 Application Form, Eligibility Criteria, Documents, List, Pension Amount, Website

Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives to liberate the country and fight enemies. After the martyrdom of these fighters, keeping in mind how their family will be nurtured, the Government of India has planned to give them pension. Due to this, pension is provided to freedom fighters and their family members who depend on them in India. In fact, the Government of India started the ‘X-Andaman Political Pensioners Pension Scheme’ in 1969 to honor the freedom fighters of India who were sent by the British to Port Blair Jail. After this, a plan was made to give pension to freedom fighters and their dependents on the Silver Jubilee Year in 1972. But in 1980, by combining both these schemes, it was named as a new scheme ‘Freedom Sainik Samman Pension Scheme’. Since then the pension is being distributed to freedom fighters and their eligible dependents by the Government of India every 5 years as a part of this scheme. The 12th Five Year Plan of this scheme ended in 2017, after which the Government of India has approved to continue the scheme for the period 2017-20.

Scheme Name Swatantra Sainik Samman Yojana  
Scheme Launched In 1980
Scheme Started By   By the central government of India
Scheme Beneficiaries   Freedom fighters and their dependents
Scheme At Present Year 2017-20
Budget allocation for the scheme 2552.93 crores
Official Website pensionersportal.gov.in

Key features of the pension scheme

  • Assistance to be provided in the scheme – Freedom fighters who contributed in the national freedom struggle. They will be provided monthly pension.
  • Support to improve the economic condition – There are many freedom fighters whose families have weak economic condition. Through this pension scheme, they will get some assistance for living.
  • Eligible Dependents: – This pension will be provided to the spouses of freedom fighters, unmarried and unemployed daughters and their dependent parents. So that they do not have to face any kind of trouble.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  • Dependents of the martyrs –Those people who became martyrs during the freedom struggle will be included in this scheme. This pension will be given to their dependents i.e. their family members who depend on them.
  • Imprisonment- Fighters who have been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of at least 6 months by the British Government will be eligible for this. A period of 3 months has been fixed for women and ST / SC freedom fighters.
  • Underground: – A person who stays underground for more than 6 months during the freedom struggle will also be considered eligible for this scheme.
  • Internal / External- Those who had to live for more than 6 months indoors or outside the district during participation in freedom struggle will be also eligible for it.
  • Loss of property- Those people who have lost their property during the freedom struggle will also be eligible for it.
  • Permanent disability-The person has become permanently disabled or incapacitated during firing or lathi charge in the rally, they are also eligible for this.
  • Losses of government job- Freedom fighters who have lost their government jobs due to the struggle or have left themselves, then they will also get benefits under this scheme.
  • Canning / Flogging / Whipping- Individuals who have received 10 strokes of canning / flogging / whipping during their participation in the freedom struggle will also get the benefit.
  • Order of merit- In case of availability of more than one dependent in the family, the order of merit will be as follows – First widow / widower, then unmarried daughters followed by mother and finally father.
  • Those who are not eligible- Apart from this, if the property of a person has been restored, then they will not be eligible for this scheme. Also, those who have rejoined government service before the end of 2 years from the withdrawal from their government service, or are getting the benefit of it, will not be considered eligible for it.

Required Documents 

  • Media document as proof- The dependents of the martyrs will have to submit the appropriate documents and newspapers of the appropriate time from their official records.
  • Certificate from jailor- Those freedom fighters who have been sentenced to jail are required to submit a certificate from the jail authorities concerned, District Magistrate or State Government.
  • Proof of court order-Those people who was involved in the secret freedom struggle will have to submit documents such as courts / government orders declaring their applicants as absent.
  • Death and birth certificate – It will also be necessary to give birth / death certificates to those dependents that joined the freedom struggle who gave their lives during the struggle.
  • Recommendation – Proof of recommendation from a proud person about an event in the past can also be given for this.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. Getting the application form

    The eligible freedom fighters need to visit pensionersportal.gov.in/ to apply. From here they can get the application form.

  2. Filling all the information

    After this, you send the application form to the Principal Secretary of the concerned State Government / Union Territory with all the appropriate information

  3. Submitting the form

    As soon as you visit its official website, there you will need to submit an application in the prescribed format. Fill all the appropriate information asked in the application.

  4. Submitting the second copy

    Also, it is also necessary to send a second copy to the Deputy Secretary, Government of India, Department of Freedom Fighter, Ministry of Home Affairs.

  5. Scrutiny

    Based on the copy of the application submitted by you, the investigation will be done in consultation with the State Advisory Committee in the State Government / Union Territory.

  6. Claiming the pension

    After the verification of the state and the entitlement of the pension report, the pension is given to the applicant if it is in place in the investigation of the claim

  7. Further information

    To get more information related to this scheme, you can contact National Bank, India Post or Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Honor pension will be given to unmarried daughters throughout their life, but if pensioners get married or die due to any reason, it will be canceled immediately. After this, other eligible dependents of freedom fighters will need to apply in a new application form with proof of the death of pensioners. Through this scheme, the government wants to help the families of freedom fighters belonging to poor families. So that after the death of the freedom fighter, they do not have to face any kind of trouble. They can live their lives in a better way.

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