Mukhyamantri Vyapari Kshatipurti Beema Yojana In Haryana 2019 [Form]


Mukhyamantri Vyapari Kshatipurti Beema Yojana In Haryana 2019-20[ Application Form, How to Apply, Premium, Eligibility Criteria, Documents]

The state government of Haryana has launched a scheme that is for the small, medium and marginal businesses. Regardless of the type of business, only a businessman can understand its importance, but due to the accident with the businessman and the compensation due to him, he also has to face many problems. To help such people, the Haryana government has introduced two new insurance schemes, out of which the article is going to talk about the Mukhyamantri Vyapari Kshatipurti Beema Yojana. 

Mukhyamantri Vyapari Kshatipurti Beema Yojana In Haryana

In this scheme, how much insurance will be provided to the beneficiaries, all this information regarding the scheme is given below.


Mukhyamantri Vyapari Kshatipurti Beema Yojana Haryana

Date of launch

 September 2019

Launch place


Launched by

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar

Monitored by

Excise and Taxation Department of Haryana Government

Target people

Small and medium traders of Haryana

Key features of the scheme

  • Assistance to traders- Bystarting this scheme, the government wants to help the traders of the state so that they can face the problems they face and deal with it.
  • Financial help-Such traders, whose goods are severely damaged, then the insurance company are going to help them at the behest of the government to compensate them.
  • Compensation- Underthis scheme, damages like damage to goods and furniture due to fire, theft, flood or earthquake will be covered. Apart from this, the loss of goods due to other reasons will not be included in it.
  • Merchants’ premium- Thestate government will pay a total premium of 38 crore rupees in both insurance schemes launched by the Haryana government. Traders do not have to pay anything for this.
  • Insurance Coverage – Thegovernment has decided to provide compensatory insurance coverage ranging from 5 lakh rupees to 25 lakh rupees for the beneficiaries under this scheme, which will be provided to them by the insurance company based on the annual turnover of the beneficiary.
  • Target beneficiaries – According to the rules of the scheme, about 3 lakh 13 thousand people are eligible to receive benefits. And all these beneficiaries are registered in GST.

Eligibility criteria

  • Residents of Haryana – The beneficiaries in this scheme will be those who will be natives within the limits of Haryana, they will be provided insurance in it.
  • Beneficiary Merchant- Small and medium traders are to be covered in this scheme and they will be provided insurance coverage.
  • Registered in GST- In this scheme, those traders will be the beneficiaries whose business will be registered in GST. That is, they are required to be GST tax payers.
  • Annual Turnover- In this insurance scheme, annual turnover of traders has also been fixed, in which their turnover limit should be more than 20 lakhs.

Required Documents

  • Residential proof- Inthis scheme, the beneficiary will have to submit a copy of his native certificate of Haryana.
  • Aadhar card and PAN card- Inthis scheme, the beneficiary will need Aadhar card and PAN card for their identity, so they must keep a copy of it with each one.
  • Copy of last tax return- Since the beneficiaries registered in GST are included in this scheme, they are also required to submit a copy of their last tax return.
  • Certificate related to business – The eligible beneficiary needs to submit the Trade Association paper, and GST registration number.
  • Account details – The monetary assistance will be transferred directly to the bank account so the beneficiary needs to submit the bank details.
  • Documents regarding turn over- The candidates need to submit the reports of annual turnover of the business.

How to apply for the scheme?

This compensation scheme has just been announced, no information has been given about the process of applying for beneficiaries. As soon as the information related to applying for this scheme will be released by the government and the concerned department, you will be.

With the launch of the scheme it is believed that the small, medium and marginal business will get a support from the state government. The help will support the business even if the business meets any sort of accident. The scheme will provide insurance that will protect the business from huge loss. Once the application is approved the beneficiary can claim the scheme.

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