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YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme Pathakam in Andhra Pradesh 2020 [Login, Farmer Beneficiary List, Check Payment Status Online, Application Form Download, Last Start Date, Amount, Installment, Eligibility, Apply, Guidelines, Toll free number, How to apply at ysrrythubharosa.ap.gov.in]

Most of the Indian farmers are unable to deploy effective farming means for better harvesting yields due to inadequate monetary help. Due to this, the GDP of the country is based on rural yield. Owing to these reasons, Andhra Pradesh state government has initiated the YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme. Through this, it will be easy to offer financial help to the landless, marginal and small farmers. The state authority believes that the scheme benefits will help rural creation and improve the financial condition of the farmers of the state. The following part shall take you through the scheme details.


The Launch details


YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme

Launched by

Jagan Mohan Reddy

Launched in       

Andhra Pradesh

Date of announcement

June 2019


Date of implementation

15th October

Target beneficiaries

Poor farmers with inadequate financial help

Supervised by

Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers Welfare Department of Andhra Pradesh

Official Portal


Helpline number

1100, 1902

Total Amount to be given under the scheme

Rupees 13,500 yearly for 5 years

Key features of the YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme AP

  • Monetary help offered to the farmers – As per the guidelines of the above said scheme, it will offer better income opportunities for the farmers. It shall result in better crop development of the state and farmers can win high pay by selling the crops.
  • Financial help – The scheme guidelines suggest that it shall cover up a total of 54 lakh farmers of the state. Under this, each farmer will get rupees 13500 and it should be given in three installments. Among the total number of farmers, 40 lakh farmers will get the help of rupees 6000 from the central government. The rest of the rupees 7500 will be offered by the state government.
  • Monetary help to be given in installments – Before the Kharif season, rupees 7500 will be given to farmers. During harvesting time, rupees 4000 will be offered. In addition to this, yet another last installment of rupees 2000 at the time of Sankranti will be given. It sums up to a total of rupees 135000 yearly for 5 long years that helps in improving financial stability of the farmers.
  • Storage for harvests – The poor farmers should have suitable storage spaces for their harvests. Also, CM of Andhra Pradesh will give crop stockpiling houses. The storerooms are able to dispose of the odds from the harvests.
  • Mode of payment – The financial help to be given to the farmers will be credited in the financial account yearly.
  • Help during Rabi crop – It has been decided that the financial help will be given during October. The beneficiaries will be given monetary help to buy lands and seeds for harvesting Rabi crops.
  • Total number of beneficiaries – The state government of Andhra Pradesh is going to offer financial help to almost 50 lakh rural specialists.
  • DBT facility of transfer – For suitable help of the poor farmers, the beneficiary amount will be directly credited in the linked bank account of the farmers.
  • Free power – It becomes difficult for the farmers to work in fields without power supply. Therefore, CM of the state will give suitable power supply to the poor horticultural specialists without any additional charges.
  • Adequate water supply – Other than power supply, the state authority has promised to provide adequate water supply for the farmer’s harvests.
  • Estimation of crop yields by fixing least assistance – In case of poor climatic conditions, the cost of the crops will be determined by the state government. In this regard, the purchasers have to purchase the item in the price set by the government without exploiting the poor seller.
  • Ways for farmer’s protection – The scheme has been planned to ensure financial security of the farmer’s family. In case, the beneficiary meets with mishap or passes away, the state government shall offer rupees 5 lakhs as protection fees.
  • Premium installment – The government promises to offer protection for the chosen candidates. As per this, the poor farmers need not pay the premium money and it is paid by the government. The Andhra Pradesh government will take responsibility for the premium to be paid by the poor farmers.

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Eligibility Criteria for YSR RythuBharosa Scheme AP

  • Legal residents of state – As the scheme has been launched in Andhra Pradesh, only the dwellers of the state are allowed to avail the scheme perks.
  • Farmers without lands – The state government has said that the monetary help will be offered by the sharecroppers. In case the farmers do not have their land, they can do farming on other’s land.
  • Land estimation – As per the rules of the scheme, the homestead land of the farmers should not be more than one section. The rules are related to agriculture and sericulture.
  • Categories of farmers –Different categories are included as the recipients of the scheme benefits. It includes unorganized farmers, marginal farmers and farm labors.

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Candidates no eligible for the scheme benefits

  • Government or non-government post holders – In case the candidate is a present holder of any government posts, he or she is not permitted to avail the scheme benefits.
  • Individuals from administering body – If any horticultural laborers are related to any Gram Panchayat office, they are not allowed to get the scheme benefits. Similarly, if the Agrarian laborers are holding any seat in RajyaSabha or LokSabha, they cannot become part of the scheme.
  • Resigned or government working representatives – In case of the farmers or member of farmer’s family is engaged or previously engaged in work of central or state government, they cannot avail the scheme perks.
  • Individual receiving monthly pension – If the candidate gets rupees 10000 from any event monthly, they cannot get scheme benefits.
  • Tax paying farmers – The tax paying farmers fall under the GST charge class and therefore, they are banned from availing the scheme benefits.

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Required documents for the application procedure

  • Residential details of the candidate – This is applicable for the farmers of the state. As the scheme has been launched in AP, farmers from other states are not allowed to become part of the scheme.
  • Enrolment declaration from the state farmer’s association – Only rural laborers with suitable authentication from the state farmer’s association are allowed to avail the scheme advantages.
  • BPL card – If farmers are BPL card holders, to enjoy the monetary advantages, they have to produce the card for scrutiny by the higher authorities.
  • Recognizable proof records–The candidates can avail the scheme benefits should furnish their Aadhaar card for scrutiny at the time of registration.
  • Caste proof – Farmers can hail from different caste categories including minority networks, BOC gatherings and the like. To justify this, they should furnish adequate caste certificate at the time of registration for the scheme.
  • Proof for land registration – If farmers own land, they have to provide an estimation of land at the time of registration under the scheme.
  • Proof for landless farmers – In case the farmers do not have land, they have to furnish suitable proof in support of their claim. The document should be procured from the Gram Panchayat Office based on which they will be considered eligible for the scheme perks.
  • Bank details – The candidate should submit their bank details as the bank account will be linked directly with the scheme. This way, the beneficiary amount will be credited directly in the farmer’s account. So, details like IFSC code, branch code and the like should be provided.

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How to apply for the scheme?

  1. Visit the official portal of scheme –

    To apply under the scheme farmers have to visit the YSR Rythu Bharosa official portal. On the homepage, they have to click on the login option that shall further take them to the registration procedure.

  2. Go by the login procedure –

    From the homepage, the candidate will get the login option. Here, they have to enter correct login credentials to get access to other details.

  3. Fill up the form –

    After filling the form with correct credentials, candidates can complete the procedure by clicking on the submit option.

How to Check Payment Status Online for the scheme?

Candidates interested to get the scheme benefits can check the payment status online by visiting the official of the scheme. The online facility shall make it easy for the farmers and to steps to check the status are given below.

  1. Applicants have to open the official website of the scheme and click on the ‘dashboard’ option to get access to other options.
  2. From the next page that shows up, candidates have to click on the ‘payment status’ option.
  3. After this, the status checking page shows up where candidates have to enter the Aadhaar card number in the space provided.
  4. Along with this, candidate should enter the correct Captcha code and then click on the ‘submit’ option. This shall show the payment status of the candidate on the screen.

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Check Name in the Scheme Beneficiary List 

The governance society is responsible to prepare the beneficiary list of the interested candidates under the above-said scheme. Almost, 66, 54,891 farmers are the scheme beneficiaries and they can avail the scheme perks. In addition, it has been estimated that near about 15 lakh farmers will get benefits under the scheme. Also, 61 lakh people related to the farming sector will be benefitted. Thus, it has been declared by the state government that the monetary help will be offered in two installments.

By the help of the scheme, it will be possible to improve the condition of the poor farmers of the state. The cash shall help them during the trimming season. For deploying better cultivation strategies, the agriculturalists will be assisted by the money. By guaranteeing a high rate of harvests, the state government is trying its best for the successful implementation of the scheme.

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