AP YSR Pension Kanuka Card – Online Apply 2020


YSR Pension Kanuka Card Online Apply Download [Eligibility, How to Apply] 2020

The present government of Andhra Pradesh has promised financial security to the people who belong to vulnerable categories. In this respects, the Chief Minister started taking the necessary steps to fulfill the promises. He launched the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme, also known as the YSR Pension Card in June 2019. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the present CM of Andhra Pradesh stated that the implementation of this pension scheme will help the poor and aged individuals with financial support. During the primary announcement of this scheme, the state government declared that the beneficiaries will receive Rs. 2250. But later on, the Chief Minister stated that he has decided to increase the pension amount to Rs. 3000. The beneficiaries will attain the grant in their bank accounts, on a monthly basis. In this article, we will shed light on a few important aspects of this project.

YSR Pension Kanuka in AP

Details of the pension card

The Chief Minister highlighted that the beneficiaries of this scheme will be given a pension card. It will act as a proof that the individual is a beneficiary of this scheme. The pass will contain the name of this pension project, the name, age and address of the beneficiary. Additionally, it will also contain the Aadhar Code of the beneficiary. In case the applicant stops getting the pension, he/she can take the pension card to the bank and file a complaint.

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Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Resident of Andhra Pradesh – The Andhra Pradesh government will supply the money from the state coffers to fund the scheme. Thus, only the permanent residents of the state will be given the opportunity to acquire the perks of this scheme.
  2. Both rural and urban inhabitants – The scheme has been implemented for the people who live in the cities as well as the remote villages.
  3. EWS candidates – The pension project will also allow the application of those who fall in the Economically Weak Sections (EWS.) Such applicants must possess the EWS certificate to support their claims.
  4. For BPL card holders – It is mandatory for the applicant to be registered as a BPL candidate and must have the BPL card.
  5. Age requirement – It has been mentioned in the scheme guidelines that only those individuals will be able to apply for the scheme, who have attained the age of 60 years.
  6. Weavers can apply – The scheme is also open for the registered weavers of the state. If the weaver has the certificate, then he can apply and get the monthly pension, sponsored by the state government.
  7. Open for toddy tappers – The Chief Minister had mentioned that the registered toddy tappers can also enroll and acquire the pension grant from the Andhra Pradesh government.
  8. Special reservation for widows – The widows can submit the death certificate of their husbands and register to attain the monthly financial assistance from the state government.
  9. Physically and mentally challenged applicants – The state government has designed and developed this scheme to offers monthly financial assistance to the individuals who are mentally or physically handicapped.

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How can applicants register for the pension scheme?

  1. Online application activation – The Andhra Pradesh government has launched a spate portal for the application. But before registering, the interested candidate needs to activate the application link.
  2. Portal based activation – The interested applicants will have to log in on the authorized website and then type in the Aadhar Code in the respective field to activate the registration link.
  3. Digitized application documents – Once the enrollment link has been activated, the applicant needs to click on YSR Pension Scheme Form to get to the project home page. From here, the applicants can gain access to the online registration form.
  4. Form fill-up process – Several fields are present on the digitized application form. The candidates need to fill in these fields with the necessary data.
  5. Attaching the documents – After the application form has been filled in, the candidate needs to attach the scanned copies of the necessary documents.
  6. Submission – Once the previous steps have been completed, the applicants need to save and submit the form by clicking on the “Submit” button.

The implementation of this scheme is another step that the present Andhra Pradesh government has taken to ensure financial security to the needy. The money can be spent for acquiring better treatment for the aged individuals. With the pension in their bank accounts, the aged people will not have to worry about working to earn their livelihood.

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