West Bengal Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana 2020


West Bengal Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana 2020 (Free Social Security Scheme, No Premium, Eligibility, How to apply)

The Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana is a newly launched one by state finance minister Amit Mitra. CM Mamata Banerjee is of the opinion that near about 7.5 crores of people can be expected to avail of the benefits of the scheme. The success of the scheme launch will surely benefit the landless laborers of West Bengal. So, for the details of the scheme, its registration procedure and other relevant details, read the following part of the article. 

Launch details of Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana

Name of the scheme 

Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana

Target group of the scheme 

Landless laborers 

Scheme has been proposed by 

West Bengal Finance Minister AmitMitra 

Number of beneficiaries under the scheme 

7.5 crores of people will be benefitted 

Amount allotment for the scheme 

Rupees 500 crores in 2020-2021

Key features of the scheme –

  • The Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha Yojana has been initiated by the finance minister, and Mamata Banerjee has requested the inclusion of the landless farmers. 
  • Under the Samajik Suraksha Yojana, 1.18 crores families have opted for the scheme benefits, and the number has risen to almost 1.5 crores.
  • People belonging to different unorganized sectors will be offered provident fund and other benefits.
  • The age limit for availing the above said scheme benefits is 60 years. Before this, the laborers cannot get the benefits. Unlike the earlier time, the laborers do not have to pay any premium money. As of now, the government will pay the premium money on behalf of the poor laborers.
  • For a death beneficiary, the family will be given rupees 2 lakhs. For the ones who are disabled, they will get rupees 1 lakhs. 

Therefore, it has been possible on request of CM of the state to the finance department to waive off the premium money for the poor laborers. 

Eligibility criteria for the scheme 

  • Residential proof – As the scheme has been launched in the state of West Bengal, only the landless laborers are included under the scheme. For this, they have to provide suitable documents in support of their claim. 
  • Income details – Depending on the income limit set by the government, the laborers will be given the benefits under the scheme. In this case, the total annual income of the beneficiary family will be scrutinized by higher officials. 
  • Identity details – As identity details, the beneficiary has to offer suitable documents to justify that they only belong to the state of West Bengal. 

Documents required for registration for the scheme

  • Residential documents – As residential proof, the candidates have to furnish legal documents to justify that they are the natives of the state. Only after this, they can get the scheme benefits. 
  • Income certificate – The beneficiary has to offer the income certificate at the time of registration for the above-said scheme. The annual income will help to know whether the laborer is suitable to get the benefits or not.
  • Identity proof – As identity proof, the candidates have to produce documents like Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, and the like that will be scrutinized by the higher officials.
  • Bank details – As proof of bank details, the candidates have to offer IFSC code, account number, branch details and the like so that the scheme money can be directly credited to the linked bank account. 

Online registration of the scheme 

The detailed steps of the online procedure of the scheme are yet to come up as it is a newly launched scheme. As soon as it shows up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it. For this, they have to visit the official portal of the above-said scheme that is yet to be launched.

Therefore, the successful implementation of the scheme will help boost the interest of the common people of the state. For this, the West Bengal state government is taking a suitable initiative. As a result of this, it can also improve the condition of the landless laborers helping them earn for their livelihood.

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