Haryana Acid Attack Victim Compensation Scheme


Haryana Acid Attack Victim Compensation Scheme – Rs 8000 P.m. to Female Victims

Amidst a number of beneficiary schemes introduced and approved by the Haryana state government, a new scheme termed as Acid Attack Victim Compensation Scheme 2018 has also been approved. As per the latest approvals made, the state government of Haryana has announced to offer each victim with deserving compensation amount. Some other recommendations have also been made by the state government for offering victims with medical treatments free of cost.

Launch Details

Scheme name Haryana State Acid Attack Victim Compensation Scheme 2018
Targeted beneficiaries or groups Female Victim and boys below or equal 18 years of age who are acid attack victims
Scheme implemented by Haryana State government
Supervised by Women and Children Acid Victims – Relief and Rehabilitation welfare
Launch date 18th June 2018

Key features

  • As per the new scheme the state government has announced to offer compensation in the form of financial assistance to each of the victims. The compensation of Rs 8000 has been settled by the state government for the victims of acid attack.
  • Under the new recommendations made the state government has also announced to offer with free medical check up facility and treatment to each of the suffering victim of acid attack.
  • The cost of medical treatment will be completely borne by the state government for the victim in state hospitals. The compensation will also be provided by the relief and rehabilitation for children and women society in the state.
  • The medical facilities and financial assistance will be offered to each of the selected victim of acid attack since 2nd May 2011 within the state of Haryana.
  • In order to avail the benefit it is also important that each victim who is undergoing treatment has to be certified under disabled category by the District medical board.
  • Other services – As per the recommendations made by the state government eligible victims will be entitled for claiming for free bed, plastic surgery, medicine facility and food facility at the time of undergoing the treatment in hospitals. These would be provided by the government in state hospitals.
  • Besides, the government has also stated that the fair price shops will also be offering such victims with priority when issuing ration and other supply.
  • As per the further notifications made the state government has also announced to offer victims with Rs 1 lakh compensation within 15 days after attack. A contribution compensation of Rs 25000 will also be offered by Dy. Commissioner of the state in the form of relief funds. Remaining amount of Rs 75,000 will be provided or arranged by the Children department and women relief services. The total amount will be disbursed in the victims account within 15 days.

Eligible beneficiaries

  • As per the state government recommendations, the scheme will only be offering benefits to the local residents of the state or who hold the domicile of the state.
  • The government has also announced that the benefit will be offered to the boys whose are below 18 years of age and Victims of acid attack in the state.
  • The government has also opened the scheme for benefit any women or girl within the state who is a victim of Acid attack.
  • The benefit will be offered to any candidate who has been prey to these attacks since 2011 2nd

The state government has also issued notifications to the state hospitals and health care centers to offer with immediate medical assistance to such victims. The facility will be made available in private as well as government sector hospitals. Apart from this, it is also recommended that to get started with the treatment procedure, the victim may not have to wait for logging an FIR against the criminals. You can collect more set of information via official web portal at www.prharyana.gov.in/en/.

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