YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme Andhra Pradesh 2019-20


YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2019-20 [Eligibility, Online Application Form Download, Pension Amount,  Search Check Name, How to Apply, Age Limit, Portal, Helpline]

Financial security was a main agenda during the last election in the state. The new CM wanted to ensure that people of all sections have some social and economic security. In this regard, he launched the YRS Pension Kanuka in the state for aged, handicaps, widows, and few other sections. This article offers every detail that you need to understand the scheme better.

YSR Pension Kanuka in AP

Launch details of the scheme

Name YSR Kanuka Pension
Previous name of the scheme NTR Bharosa Scheme
Announced by Jagan Mohan Reddy
Official date of announcement May 2019
Official date of scheme launch July 2019
Target beneficiaries Poor and vulnerable sections of the society
Official portal sspensions.ap.gov.in
Helpline number 0866 – 2410017
Contact ID ysrpensionkanuka@gmail.com

Key features of the YSR Kanuka Pension scheme

  1. Paves the path for social security for the needy – Financial stability is something that is required for people of all ages. Aged and disabled people are in a sorry state. With the implementation of this scheme, the CM of Andhra Pradesh desires to offer as much financial and social security to these people as possible.
  2. Pension grant for eligible beneficiaries – The scheme has been launched mainly to offer assistance to individuals who belong to the financial weak or very weak sections.
  3. Different groups which are eligible – The main focus of this project is to offer financial and social security to those who suffer from old age and have handicap issues. Additionally, needy widows have also been roped in the scheme, along with financial weak toddy tappers and weavers.
  4. Pension payment frequency – Unlike other central and state pension schemes, beneficiaries of this program will get the pension amount, deposited in their bank accounts on a monthly basis.
  5. Pension amount promised for other sections – Apart from the aged applicants and disabled people, there is a special reservation for those who were associated with the weaving and toddy tapping sector. The financially weak widows also fall in this group. These beneficiaries will be entitled to attain Rs. 2250 in their bank accounts.
  6. Current pension that beneficiaries will attain – Some months after the new and revised scheme was launched, beneficiaries received the good news that the state government has hiked the pension amount, and hence forth, every beneficiary will attain Rs. 3000 in his/her bank account.
  7. Assurance of another hike in pension amount – As disabled people grow old, their medical requirements increase. However, proper treatment comes at a hefty price. Poor and needy people often cannot afford to pay the medical bills. To cater to this need, the Chief Minister has already highlighted that in the coming years, the amount will be hiked to a whopping Rs. 10,000.
  8. For rural and urban residents – The scheme does not differentiate between the people on the basis of their residential area. Thus, eligible villagers as well as city dwellers can apply and get the pension.

Eligibility for YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme

  1. Must be a citizen of the state – Permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh will be allowed to apply for attaining the benefits of this project.
  2. Must fall under BPL and EWS category – The benefits of this financial and social security scheme will go to applicants who fall either in the BPL or EWS category.
  3. Age requirement – Only those elderly applicants can register who are of 60 years of age or more.
  4. Weavers can apply – Individuals, who work or used to work as a fulltime weaver can also submit their applications to get the monthly pension amount.
  5. Toddy tapper can apply – If any person is or was associated with the toddy tapping profession, then he/she can apply as per the scheme guidelines.
  6. Widows can apply – The scheme draft highlights that poor widows can also register to attain the monthly financial grant, specified by the state authority.
  7. Handicaps can get the benefits – This scheme is also open for those individuals who are completely or partially handicap. Both mentally and physically handicap applicants can apply.
  8. Must have a bank account – There is no scope for manual money transfer. For better transparency and smoothness of the grant distribution, state government has decided to make use of DBT process. Thus, it is necessary that all applicants have active bank accounts in their names.

Documents necessary for the application process

  1. Residential documents – The Chief Minister had already mentioned during the scheme launch that only the permanent and legal residents can attain these perks. So, furnishing official residential documents is a must for interested applicants.
  2. ID proof – Submission of a copy of the Aadhar card, voter card and ration card are necessary so that the respective authority can check the authenticity of the applicant’s details.
  3. Age proof for the elderly – If any elderly applicant wants to get the benefits under this scheme, then he/she must submit a document that will support his/her age related claims.
  4. BPL and EWS certificates – Applicants need to submit a copy of their BPL or EWS certificates during registration, along with the other documents.
  5. Certificate from the weaver’s association – If the person is a weaver, then he need to get a certificate, issued by the local or state weaver’s association.
  6. Certificate from toddy tapper’s association – Interested toddy tappers need to collect a certificate from the state toddy tapper association.
  7. Handicap certificates – All handicap applicants must get their handicap assessment certificates from any state hospital, and attach a copy of this document with the application form.
  8. Death certificate of husband – If any widow is interested in registering, then she needs to submit a copy of the death certificate of the husband.
  9. Details of the beneficiary’s bank account – The applicant needs to submit a bank document that contains the account number, IFSC code, name of the bank and the respective branch address, branch code etc.

How to get application form for YSR Kanuka Pension?

It is expected that the state authority will keep online as well as offline registration procedures for better response from the people. In case of offline application, interested candidates can collect their forms from Gram Panchayat or Mandal Parishad Development Offices. City dwellers can get the registration form from the Municipality Offices.

How to apply for YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme?

  1. Once the candidate has applied successfully, he or she will be able to check the scheme related details and the beneficiary list.
  2. For this, the candidate must click on the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme AP Portal
  3. It will open the home page of the scheme.
  4. Here applicants can see a button that is marked as “Log in”
  5. If the candidate clicks on this link then the site will redirect him or her to another page.
  6. Here the applicant must type in the user name, password and the verification code.
  7. Then he/she needs to click on the “login” option.
  8. It will give the applicant direct access to the scheme details.

How to check the status of YSR Kanuka Pension application?

  1. The official scheme portal also allows the beneficiaries the opportunity to check whether their name has been included in the beneficiary list or not.
  2. For this, applicants need to click on the YSR Kanuka Pension Scheme AP Official Portal.
  3. It will give them access to the status checking page.
  4. From this page, applicants can check the application status by clicking on the “Pension ID” option.
  5. If the any applicant has submitted a complaint, then the present status of the grievance can also be checked by clicking on the “Grievance ID” option.
  6. As soon as you click on any of the two options, a number of fields will open up below.
  7. Types in the correct details in these fields, and then click on “Go” button.
  8. The respective result will pop up on the computer screen.

Aged people lose their physical potential to engage in professional activities. The same is applicable to those who suffer from any physical or mental disability. They somehow manage to earn their livelihood during their younger days but it becomes impossible after a certain age. The new scheme offers social security to such candidates. With the pension grant, these needy candidates will be able to take care of their financial requirement, without depending on someone else. The inflow of money will be regular. Thus, old and disabled people can purchase the medicines or other supplies they require. Providing economic stability and social security for the destitute was in the election manifestos. Once Reddy came to the political throne in Andhra Pradesh, he started working on necessary schemes for the betterment of the people.

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