Samajwadi party pension scheme for women


Samajwadi party pension scheme for women

In order to bring the status of women in the society a grade higher, Uttar Pradesh chief Minister Mr. Akhiliesh Yadav, announced Samajwadi party pension scheme for women. He publicized this stratagem in a Devi Award Programme held in Lucknow on Nov 13.

Samajwadi party pension scheme for women

Akhilesh clearly stated the importance of women’s subject a matter of concern. Around every corner of the world, there are many debatable issues going on, like problems related to poverty, literacy, environment but above all the most ignored section is women. Dealing with the welfare of women in our society would remain prime focus of his party, he committed. He explained in his speech that, a society is flourishing only when if the women of the society are happy and content.

This pension scheme launched by UP government will aid approx. 45 lakhs women across different borders in India. Akhilesh explained, that the benefits extended towards the betterment are especially for women, because if women have financial security, then her husband and other family members pay attention and respect to her.

He stressed on the fact that the amelioration of women is not only the responsibility of society and the government, but also every individual living in this country should understand their role towards women.

Women across the nation, especially in rural areas have shown their positive consent towards the scheme. They are happy and positive towards initiative taken by Samajwadi party towards them and are eager to enroll themselves.

Samajwadi party has always believed in creating a socialist society. This party has secular and democratic outlook and trust on the principal of equality. Members of the party have always worked for the advancement of weaker section of the society and always stand against communal forces.

This is another step towards their mission for the betterment of the society. Akhilesh also quoted him and his party members continuously are in process of making efforts to bring new changes by bringing latest schemes for the society specially tailored for the most important section of the society- Women. According to him, women are the most neglected class of the Nation.

The introduction of this unique pension scheme will not only highlight and bring the female population of the nation antrorse, would also create confidence in women to live their head held high.Any information related to this project declared by UP Government is readily available on their official

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