[Form] Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-Kisan) 2019-20


Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-Kisan) 2019-20 [Online Application Form Download, Check Status, New list, Eligibility, Portal login, Helpline Number, Last Date, Amount Installment, FAQ

The central government announced and implemented PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. This development project is also aimed at the farmers. Beneficiaries will attain specific monetary grants, directly in their bank accounts. In this article, you will gather information regarding the features, application process, eligibility and other essential aspects in FAQ format.



Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi
Other short form PM-KISAN
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Announced during Union Budget 2019
Announced by Piyush Goyal
Target beneficiaries Farmers of the nation
Supervised by Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare
Helpline numbers 011 – 2338 – 1092 and 011 – 2338 – 2012
Official portal pmkisan.gov.in
Last date for application 31st July

What is the primary objective of this scheme?

Farmers in India mainly fall in the financially weak categories. They have small land holdings. The two main cropping seasons that farmers get are Kharif and Rabi. Before the inception of these two cropping seasons, farmers have to prepare their lands. These activities require money, for which, farmers need to line up outside the banks or independent money lenders. In case the crop fails, they cannot repay the debt. The central government introduced this project to make sure that farmers can prepare their land, without applying for credit. The central government will offer financial assistance to the beneficiaries.

What are the main benefits of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana?

The main benefits of this scheme are as follows:

  1. Financial gain – It has been mentioned in the official scheme document that every beneficiary will receive an annual grant of Rs. 6000 from the central government, for meeting agricultural expenses.
  2. Payment in installments and tenure – The Rs. 6000 will be divided in three portions. The beneficiaries will receive Rs. 2000 after every four months.
  3. DBT facility – As the grant money will be deposited in the respective bank account of the beneficiary, the central government will make use of DBT or Direct Benefit Transfer Facility. It makes the process transparent, and hassle-free.

Who can become the beneficiaries (Eligibility Criteria) of this project?

The scheme has mainly been announced and implemented for the benefit of the Indian farmers, irrespective of their residential location. Earlier, the scheme was only open to those who had only a specific size of cultivable land. But that criterion has been changed. It is now open to all types of farmers. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Who cannot become the beneficiaries of this scheme?

  • Political position holders – It has been highlighted that in case any of the farmers, are or were associated with any political party, and have been / had been appointed to an office, they will be left out of this scheme.
  • Pension holders – Many farmers now attain monthly pension, under the schemes, sponsored by the state and central governments. In case such pension holding farmers attain Rs.10000 or more, then they will be barred from getting the benefits of the scheme.
  • Taxpayers – If the agricultural worker comes under the tax slabs, then he/she cannot attain this financial assistance.
  • Influential and rich farmers – In case the farmer has a medical, engineering or architectural degree, or has a better and significant source of income, then he cannot apply under this project.

Which are the necessary documents that you will require for application?

Here is the list of necessary documents, without which, applicants will not be able to register.

  1. Land registration documents – It is mandatory for the interested applicants to submit copies of land registration documents. These official papers will highlight that the plot belongs to the candidate and is used for farming practices only.
  2. Aadhar card – Narendr Modi had announced long back that every citizen must have his/her Aadhar card if he/she wants to attain the benefits of any government scheme. Thus, a copy of the Aadhar card will come is necessary for ID proof during application.
  3. Bank account details – As stated before, the money will be transferred in the bank account of the beneficiaries. Thus, each applicant must furnish the details of his/her respective bank account.
  4. Registered mobile number – Applicants must possess a registered mobile number. It is necessary that the bank account and the mobile number be linked with one another. All details, updates and money transfer info will be sent to the registered mobile numbers, via SMS.

From where can one download the application form for registration?

For the convenience of the agricultural workers, the central government has already highlight that interested applicants will have access to online and offline application modes. One can choose as per his/her will. The collection of the registration form will depend on the selection of the application mode.

How to apply for the scheme via online mode?

The government has already launched and activated a separate portal for the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme. Any interested applicant can log in on this  PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme Portal. From here, candidates can get access to the digitize registration form.

  • What is the way by which applicants can apply for the scheme offline?

There is also an offline mode of registration for those farmers who are not computer literate. Interested candidates can go to the office of the Gram Panchayat or the Common Service Center. The scheme registration form can be collected from these centers. Applicants need not pay any money for these forms. The applicant must fill in the necessary details, attach the documents, and submit the form. These will be checked thoroughly. If the details are correct, then the applicant’s name will be enlisted for receiving the money.

  • Will the government set up camps for registration?

Farmers, located in remote areas do not have access to either offline or online registration modes. For the assistance of these farmers, special registration camps will be organized by the central government. The camp-based registration will be organized in August 2019. The farmers can come to these camps and register easily. They can also get other scheme-related details.

How can the applicants check the beneficiary list?

The applicants can check the beneficiary list from the online portal and offline as well.

  • How to get access to the beneficiary list online?

The central government has already uploaded the beneficiary list on the official portal. To get access to this list, applicants need to log in on the portal. Once the homepage opens, applicants must click on the tab marked as “LG Directory.” Then the applicant needs to pick either rural or urban, based on his location. Once the applicant types in the necessary details in the different fields, the site will generate the beneficiary list.

  • How to get the beneficiary list offline?

The list of beneficiaries will be sent to all the Gram Panchayat offices and the CSCs as well. Candidates, who do not have access to the computers and internet, can go to either one of these two offices. Here, they can get access to the complete beneficiary list. They can search for their names in the list.


Q: What is the maximum land measurement that will be allowed under this scheme?

Ans: There is no upper limit to the amount of farm land that the person can own. As far as the applicant is meeting the other requirements, he can apply for the financial benefits under the agro-development scheme.

Q: What will happen to those candidates who enter wrong information in the application forms to attain the benefits?

Ans: If the authority finds that an applicant has entered wrong information in the application form, then the registration documents will be cancelled. The applicant will be able to apply afresh. But there are some fraudulent individuals who knowingly enter false data in the enrollment forms to attain the benefits. It will be the responsibility of the government officials to check the documents for authentication. In case the authority identifies a fraudulent beneficiary, proper legal steps will be taken against him.

Q: If the actual owner of the farmland dies, and the land registration is transferred in the name of his decedent, will the new owner get the financial grant?

Ans: Yes! If, after the death of the original land owner, the land ownership and registration papers are transferred in the name of his sons or daughters, then the new owners can apply and get the money, as promised by the central government. But the new owners must produce the death certificate of the former land owner.

Q: Which is the last date that the central government has set for the determination of the land owner and beneficiary?

Ans: It was clearly mentioned in the scheme details that all necessary changes, which are to be made in the land registration papers, must be completed by the end of 1st February 2019. If the applicant misses this date, then he will not be able to make any changes or apply for the scheme for coming 5 years. However, there is scope for changing the name of the land owner, only in the case of demise of the former land holder.

Q: Will the farmers, who are taxable as per law, get these perks?

Ans: No. Such farmers have been kept out of this.

Q: Can any type of land owner attain the benefits of this new scheme?

Ans: No. The land owner must be able to prove that the plot is only used for cultivation activities, throughout the year, can apply and attain the monetary grants.

Q: Can the land owner claim this benefit if the plot was bought with intentions other than farming?

Ans: No. If the owner of the land in question has purchase the plot with other intensions, then he cannot attain the financial perks, as promised under the scheme.

Q: Can such individuals apply for this scheme that does not have any land in their names, in any part of the country?

Ans: No. People, without any land in their name cannot be considered as a beneficiary. Additionally, it must be made clear that the plot, registered in the name of the applicant is used solely for cultivation.

Q: Is it necessary for the interested candidates to give all details of their bank accounts?

Ans: Yes. Otherwise, the money transfer process will be hindered. Applicants need to provider documents, which highlight the name of the bank, name of the branch, official branch code, account number, address of the branch and the IFSC code.

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