The web responsive pensioner’s service portal for pensioners


The web responsive pensioner’s service portal for pensioners

Well, a lot of times, the pensioners have to face issues regarding the delay of pension form the central or state government. That being said, it must be remembered that the pensioners have to solely rely on the amount offered by the central government to run their lives. And this is why a delay in their pension amounts becomes troublesome for them to run their families, especially if he/she is the sole earning member of the family. Thus, it was really necessary to ensure that the person receives pension at the scheduled date.

The web responsive pensioner’s service portal for pensioners

  • The initialization of web portals

To bring this into reality, the finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley recommends that there will be complete new initiatives. This is going to enhance the better services for retirees by launching the web responsive service portal. And this will be controlled by the Controller General of Accounts. The finance minister has really praised the role of CGA for handling such a huge volume of government revenue and individuals with such efficiency through the initiatives like PFMS and NTRP.

  • Acknowledging the importance of data analytics

At the same time he also highlighted the importance data analytics for accessing the quality of the government expenditure and the revenue. Also the roles of PFMs are important in ensuring that the funds are offered to the intended beneficiaries within the stipulated period of time. This is a really beneficial thing for the government employees. They will now have the option of tracking the status of their pension. And also the grievance redressal unit will offer them help through the sms services. They can monitor the receipts online and take up steps for lessening the harassment especially for the senior citizens.

  • The importance of web portal for pensioners

The web portal that has been launched will also help the different individuals like central civil personnel, the family pensioners and also the freedom fighters for checking out their complete pension file. All they need to do is just log into the website called For tracking the status of this pension process the retired personnel will also have sms facility. And the website mentioned above, will work as the one stop destination for the information and also speedy redressal of grievances. You will be able to access through the mobile device and this will also give you the option to provide the feedback for improvement of this system.

As per the statements of Jaitley, no one shall be harassed, especially the pensioners. They are the senior most citizens of our country and the life of retiree’s life depends on the resources offered by the government. The facility of tracking pension by mobile devices is a really great step taken up by the CPAO.  This portal is going to bring a transparency and accountability to ensure the pensions of the retired employees in a more responsive way. 

A tabular over view of the web portal for the pensioners

SL NO Facts to know Brief details
1. The entities for web portal services Authorized banks
2. Total budget for web portal Rs 32,070
3. Launching date 2016
4. Number of pensioners to be dealt with 60,211
5. Proposed by Mr. Arun Jaitley
6. Primary Objective Prevention of harassment and redressal of pensioner’s grievances.

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