Pension procedure for gallantry award winners


Pension procedure for gallantry award winners

Pension is very important for everyone as it is the biggest supporter to get when your family member died or retired. Pension is given buy organizations where the person works and it will be given after his retirement or if he died in natural or accidental death. Every organization has different pension plans and according to the mishappening happened. Pension runs the home of every person who had a part of the organization. If there will be no one working, at that point of time this pension works. There are different types of pension plans in every organization. Few are life, widow pension, retirement pension, soldier pension or such.

gallantry award winners

Our soldiers spend a big time of their life for serving our country. It is very important for all of us to know about the Gallantry Awards which are given to our army men and about the rewards, they receive with these awards. The state governments also present various cash awards to the Gallantry award winners. Our army men guard the borders of our country. They give their lives to save the country. Everyone should know that what our Government is doing for them. It is important for you to know about the Gallantry Award winners.

Types of the gallantry awards:

The gallantry awards have two categories (Gallantry awards in the Face of Enemy and Gallantry awards Other than the Face of Enemy), the different types of the gallantry awards are as given below:

Awards in first category:

  • Param Vir Chakra
  • Maha Vir Chakra
  • Vir Chakra
  • Sena, Nao Sena and Vayu Sena Medal

Awards in second category:

  • Ashoka Chakra
  • Kirti Chakra
  • Shaurya Chakra

Our Government also gives a cash award with these awards.The cash award is given to the award winners in the form of a monthly pension. The different amount of the pension is given to the different award winners. The monthly pension given to the gallantry awards winners is as given below:

Param Vir Chakra Rs.10,000/- p.m.
Ashok Chakra Rs. 6,000/- p.m.
Mahavir Chakra Rs. 5,000/- p.m.
Kriti Chakra Rs. 4,500/- p.m.
Vir Chakra Rs. 3,500/- p.m.
Shaurya Chakra Rs. 3,000/- p.m.
Sena Medal Rs. 1,000/- p.m.

The different state governments also give the cash rewards to the gallantry award winners. These rewards can be different according to every government. The Haryana government is on the top of the list because they give 31 lakh rupees to the Param vir chakra winners while the Gujarat government is giving 22500 rupees to the gallantry award winner which is lowest amount in the list.

Various state and central government departments also give the various cash prizes to the gallantry award winners like Ministry of Railways, Indian Airlines, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Road Transport etc. These departments present various amount of the cash rewards for the gallantry award winners.

Rules for the pension:

  • This pension is only rewarded to the recipient of gallantry award and the pension will be given to his widow after the death of soldier.
  • If the soldier is bachelor then the pension will be given to his parents after the death.
  • In the case if the award winner is widower then the pension will be given to his son or the unmarried daughter.

So the pension is very good scheme for the gallantry award winners. It is very good that our government is rewarding our soldiers because the army and the soldiers are very important for the safety and security of the country. No country can survive without the good army and the Indian army is one of the best armies of the world. The brave soldiers are real heroes of the country and they really deserve this respect and rewards.

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