Old Age Pension Yojana


Old Age Pension Yojana

To be applicable for an old age pension yojana an individual needs to be at least 60 years old. The eligibility age for women is 60 while for men it is 65. To be applicable for this pension the individual cannot have an income of more than Rs. 1000/- if alone, and if married then the both of them should have an income of Rs. 1500/- together. If their income exceeds the total of that amount then they will not be applicable for an old age pension. The pension amount is usually Rs. 200/- if the person is 60 or above and Rs. 500/- if the person is 80 or above. But of course the pension amount differs for every pension plan. But the amount usually stays in between Rs. 200-250 rupees.

Old Age Pension Yojana

What is a pension?

A pension is a certain amount of money which is paid by the state to its people who are either of the retirement age or are over their retirement age. After a person retires from the work that he/she was doing their income stops, hence the pension was facilitated by the state government to make sure that its people are not suffering.

The procedure to obtain an Old Age Pension

The procedure to get a pension differs for different areas. The way a pension is sanctioned in an urban area differs from the way it is sanctioned in a rural area.

In Urban Area:

  • The applicant has to fill up the form available on the website of the pension plan they are opting for.
  • Once the form is filled up the applicant needs to get the form attested to prove his/her genuineness. Thus the form cannot be attested by anybody and everybody it needs to be attested by known figures, thus by the MLA of that area or the Councilor of that area.
  • After attestation is done the form has to be submitted to the executive of Municipalities and the Secretary of Municipal Corporations.
  • After the Security of Municipal Corporations and Executive of Municipalities have confirmed the authenticity of the form, the form is then passed on to the Sub Divisional Magistrate and then it is upon him to decide whether the pension is to sanctioned or to be rejected.

For people living in the rural area the first step is the same,

  • After the form is filled up it needs to be attested by the Sarpanch or the MLA of the area.
  • After attestation the form needs to be submitted to the Gram Sabha who then makes sure that the applicant is eligible and confirms the genuineness of his documents.
  • This form is then sent over to the Child Development Project Officer who then updates the record and decides on whether to sanction or reject the pension appeal.

After the pension is sanctioned, the payment is usually send directly to the account of the applicant. In rural areas the amount is send to the Gram Panchayats who then monthly distributed the amount among the applicants.

When Does A Pension Appeal Become Illegible?

An applicant is not eligible to apply for a pension under a pension act when the applicant has children working for the tax department or are doctors or engineers or chartered accountants. And application for a pension will be rejected if it is found out that the applicant has a private job or is a Class II employee at any private firm with an income of Rs. 4000/- per month or more. Also an appeal for pension will face harsh rejection if any of the documents or information provided by the applicant in the official form is found to be not genuine.

Applicants nowadays have lots and lots of pension programs to choose from. They can choose one based on the rules and regulations and based on the amount of pension as well. As nothing is official till the forms are submitted to the superiors the applicant has a lot of time to think over the pension plan they want to opt for. Among many popular pension plans the most popular one is the IGNOAPS, Vriddha Pension Yojana, which is a pension plan of UP. Computerised records are maintained these days by the people working behind such pension plans and these records are made sure to be updated every single time one person applies and his/her application is accepted by the Magistrate. Not only are these accounts maintained but they are also published for the public to see.

Old Age Pension Yojana, Do’s and Don’ts, quick review.

Do’s Don’ts
Make sure that your form is attested Submit un-attested forms
Submit all the forms on time Provide wrong information
Provide all the right information to void fraud Apply if you earn more than 4000/- per month
Make sure that you are eligible before applying. Apply if you have children who are working as tax officers or chartered accountants.

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