NTR Bharosa New Pensioner scheme for Andhra Pradesh


NTR Bharosa New Pensioner scheme for Andhra Pradesh

The poverty level in Andhra Pradesh is very high and government is trying to improve the living status of poor people. To complete this target government of Andhra Pradesh is dedicated to safe dignified life to all the poor and helpless people who have no resources for their living. Government make their devotion towards people particularly towards the old and unwell people.

NTR Bharosa New Pensioner scheme for Andhra Pradesh

The state government of Andhra Pradesh wants to satisfy the minimum needs of its people, by doing so it strongly believes that the people of Andhra Pradesh may live their life happily. In order to fulfil the AP state poor people, state government introduced this NTR Bharosa Pension Scheme. In the NTR Bharosa pension scheme helps poor people in difficult situation faced by the poor families because of the finance.

Under this scheme, the state government of Andhra Pradesh about to provide financial aid by the name of pension to the poor and elderly people who are all the resident of Andhra Pradesh, in order to make this scheme as an effective one, the state government announced certain criteria by which the eligible people will be sorted.

S.No Things Need to Know about Andhra Pradesh Pension Scheme Detailed Information
1 Scheme Name NTR Bharosa Pension Scheme
2 State Which Introduced this Pension Scheme State Government of Andhra Pradesh
3 Who Announced about this pension Scheme AP state Rural Development Minister Mr. K Mrinalini
4 Estimated Number Beneficiaries under this pension scheme Around 40.5 Lakh
5 Allotted funds for this pension scheme Around Rs. 577 Crore
6 Beneficiaries validation will be carried through Aadhaar-enabled payment system
7 Official website for gaining more information about the pension scheme http://ntrbharosa.ap.gov.in/

Details about the latest amendment in NTR Bharosa Pension scheme

In recent time, the state government of Andhra Pradesh made some slight changes in the existing NTR Bharosa Pension scheme, under this recent revision the pension amount which are provided earlier on monthly basis has been raised from Rs.200/- to Rs.1000/-.

The list of rightful beneficiaries are listed in the below listed table.

 Types of pension covered under this Andhra Pradesh NTR Bharosa Pension Scheme 1. Old Age Pension
2. Weavers Pension
3. Widow Pension
4. Disabled Pension
5. Toddy Tappers

In addition to that, the amount for the People with Disabilities up to 40% to 79% permanent and partial form of disability has been increase from Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- per month. Government announced Rs.1500/ pension per month for the people who have 80% and above disability. This new pension scheme benefit will be implemented to people benefits from next years, however, the pension is in exists from 2nd October, 2014 onwards.

Also, the rightful People can easily apply for this pension scheme on this website without any cost. Also using the Pension ID or Aadhaar Card Number one can also check the status of their application whether it is approved or not.

Government of Andhra Pradesh Provided Pension to the following types of people under the NTR Bharosa pension scheme

  • Old Age Pension: People who are very old and have no resource for their living are qualified for old age pension under the NTR Bharosa old age Pension
  • Weavers Pension: Under this mode of pension, the AP government provides pension to the weavers who are poor and struggling for their work. These people can also take benefit of the NTR Bharosa Pension scheme.
  • Widow Pension: The AP Government provides this NTR Bharosa pension scheme to Widow for living so that they need not dependent on other family member after death of their husband.
  • Disabled Pension: Under this pension scheme, the pension pay would be given as different amount for Disabled person. Pension amount will depends upon the amount of disability.

Eligibility to Apply NTR Bharosa New Pensioner scheme:

The BPL families who have White ration card can apply for this pension scheme. The condition is that applicant must be resistant of the Andhra Pradesh. Also applicant must not take benefit of any other pension scheme previously.

Age Limit to Apply NTR Bharosa New Pensioner scheme:

  • The old age people (belong from Andhra Pradesh) who have 65 years of age or more can apply for the Old Age Pension. Where if they are poor means people who are with slight or there is no life to live or without the family or no relatives to depend.
  • And the Weaver has the age limit is 50 years of age or above to take benefit of the NTR Bharosa New Pensioner scheme.

Disabled Pension for Physically Handicapped Persons:

The condition for the handicap person is that they must be 18 + years and have 40 % or more disability level. Pension amount for the handicap person depends upon their level of disability which is increased with increase in level of disability

Document required for taking benefit of this scheme:

People who want to take benefit of this scheme must have resident proof the Andhra Pradesh, and also must have Aadhaar Card Number. Handicap people must have disability certificate to take benefit of this scheme. Widow must able to show death document of their husband.

How to look for Pensioners Details and NTR Bharosa Pensioner List:

Government launch an official website for checking the details of the pension amount received under this NTR Bharosa Pensioner scheme. With the below listed documents any eligible people can able to witness their pension details and also new registration process can be done in online with the aid of this official site.

Documents Needed to check the pension scheme and to register via online for NTR Bharosa pension Scheme ·         Pension ID

·         AADHAAR Card No

·         Ration Card No

·         SADAREM ID Numbers

With the help of the online portal which is specially launched to convey the information and details about the newly upgraded NTR Bharosa pension scheme, anyone eligible beneficiary can able to check their pension status and to apply for this scheme at any time. The services which are offered in this official web site is totally free, without charging any amount the official site for NTR pension scheme provides valid information to the state people. 


The recently announced changes in the existing NTR Bharosa New Pension scheme would be beneficial for all poor people who are eligible to avail the financial aid from the Andhra Pradesh state government.

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