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KALIA Yojana Scheme in Odisha 2019-20 [Eligibility, New Beneficiary Farmer name list, Application green/red Form Online Download PDF, Kalia Scheme Full Form, Second (2nd) 3rd Last List, Check Status, helpline, Website, Reject List, Objection, Inclusion, Refund Form, 2nd Installment @kalia.co.in] (Kalia Yojana Last date)

Most of the rural inhabitants in the state of Odisha depend on agricultural practices. It feeds the millions which reside in the state. The Odisha government also supplies the excess crops to the other states. It increases the inflow of cash in the state fund. But the condition of the rural farms remains largely unchanged. Poverty and social insecurities are constant companions. The state government has launched a new agricultural scheme that intends to change these flaws. Under the KALIA scheme, the farmers, living and farming within the state will acquire financial assistance from the Odisha government. In this article, you will receive information about the various aspects of this agro-welfare scheme.

Name of the scheme KALIA Yojana or Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation Scheme
Launched in Odisha
Launched by Naveen Patnaik
Date of announcement 2017 – 2018
Date of official launch December 2018
Implementation mode Phase-wise implementation
Target beneficiaries Financially weak agriculturalists
Supervised by Agricultural & Farmers Welfare Department of Odisha
Authorized scheme portal kalia.co.in
Helpline number 1800-572-1122

KALIA Yojana Scheme in Odisha 2019-

Ensuring farmers well-being

The motive for the launch of this project is to provide the necessary financial help to poor agro-workers.

Financial grant for land owning farmers

If the farmers possess their own lands, then they will attain Rs. 5000 as cultivation assistance sum from the state.

Payment term

The state government will continue the grant payment for three consecutive years.

Payment mode

All monetary grants will be deposited in the bank account of the respective beneficiary.

Financial grant for landless farmers

If the agro-workers cultivate crops on a leased land, then such applicant will receive Rs. 12,500 in their bank accounts as assistance grant.

Assistance for agro-workers

Old and disabled farmers, who can no earn their own living will acquire a pension of Rs. 10,000.

Crop loan assurance

The project also paves the path for the issuance of agricultural credit. However, the applicant cannot acquire more than Rs. 50,000 credit.

Life insurance

Every beneficiary will be entitled to acquire a life insurance policy worth Rs. 2 lakhs.

Life insurance premium contribution ratio

Rs. 330 has been fixed as the premium for attaining the life insurance benefits. The farmer and the state government will pay Rs. 165 respectively to continue the policy. 

Accidental insurance

All the scheme beneficiaries will attain Rs. 2 lakhs from the state in case of an accident.

Accidental insurance premium contribution ratio

The KALIA Yojans draft sheds light on the premium amount that will be paid for the issuance of the accident policy. The total sum is Rs. 12 per annum. However, the applicant needs to pay only Rs, 6. The rest will be paid by Odisha government.

Eligibility to apply for the scheme

Must be resident of the state

If the farmers is a legal and permanent inhabitant of Odisha, then he can apply and get the advantages, which have been listed under the scheme.

Small and marginal farmers

It official draft of the scheme also highlights only small and marginal agricultural workers will be allowed to register for this financial perk.

For landless applicants

If the farmers cultivate on the land that has been taken on a lease from another land owner, then such candidates will be able to apply for this unique scheme.

Must come under the BPL category

All the applicants must have their names registered under the BPL category to get the scheme perks.

Age requirement

The applicants need to fall in the age bracket of 18 and 50 years.

Must not pay taxes

Only those farmers, who do not pay any taxes, will be selected as the beneficiary of this agro-project.

Must not have association with central or state government

The scheme guidelines also highlight that the applicant must not work in the central of state government offices. He must not have any connection with the PSU departments as well.

Must not be associated with Gram Panchayat

If the farmer is in any way associated with the Gram Panchayat, the scheme guidelines bar him from acquiring the perks of this project.

Must have a bank account

As the financial grant distribution will be done via Direct Benefit Transfer mode, if the applicant does not have access to an active bank account, he will not be selected as a beneficiary.

Documents necessary for application

Residential proof

It is necessary that the applicants attach a photocopy of the residential proof documents, which must be issued by the Odisha government.

Aadhar card

All candidates need to provide a copy of their Aadhar cards with the other documents.

Registration certificate from Farmers Association

The Farmers Association must issue a certificate in the name of the applicant that highlights that he falls in either small or marginal category.

Age proof

It is necessary that the applying farmers submit their age proof documents, as well.

BPL certificate

All interested applicants must furnish a copy of the BPL certificate.

Land record documents

If the candidate cultivates crops on his own land, he must provide a copy of the updated land registration papers.

Land lease documents

If the applicant is a tenant farmer, then he needs to submit a copy of the land lease document, drafted and signed by the landlord and the tenant farmer.

Non-tax payer certificate

The applicant must issue a certificate from the Block Development Office that sheds light on the fact that the farmer does not pay any taxes.

Bank account details

Applicants need to submit documents, which highlight the bank account number, bank name, branch code and IFSC code.

How to apply with red and green forms?

  1. Online application process

    For the convenience of the farmers, the Odisha government has launched an official website for the KALIA Yojana. You can click on to land on this government portal.

  2. Red and Green forms

    The site gives candidates access to two separate forms. If any person wants to delete his name from the scheme, then he must select the Red Form. Applicants, interested in reapplication need to select the Green Form.

  3. Downloading the application form

    Applicants will see the download option. Once they click on it, the Green Form will be downloaded.

  4. Getting a print out

    The candidate needs a print out of this form in order to proceed with the registration process.

  5. Form fill-up

    Each farmer must enter fill in this form with details, which the state government requires for beneficiary selection.

  6. Document attachment

    The applicants must submit the copies of all the official documents, which have been mentioned above.

  7. Application submission

    Every Gram Panchayat office will have a drop box. The candidates can submit the form in these boxes. The same facility will be available in the PACS office.

Procedure to check beneficiary list

  1. The Odisha government will check the registration documents of the applicants and select the deserving candidates.
  2. The interested applicants need to click on the link https://green.kalia.co.in/ to check the beneficiary list.
  3. When the portal opens, candidates need to click on the “Beneficiary List” option.
  4. It will redirect the applicants to the beneficiary search generation page.
  5. After typing in the name of the district, block, village and gram panchayat, the candidate must click on the “Search” button.
  6. It triggers the official portal to bring up the beneficiary list in the PDF format. The applicant can download this page and search for his/her name.

Procedure to add name to the beneficiary list

  1. Odisha is a not a small state. The implementation of this scheme offers the benefits to thousands of farmers. Many applicants may have missed the enrollment opportunity during the primary phase.
  2. Such agricultural labors can enroll for the scheme by filling the Green Form.
  3. If an applicant has fulfilled all eligibilities, and had submitted the application form, still the beneficiary list does not contain his name; the candidate can fill in and submit the Green form.
  4. The official scheme website has the link from where one can download the Green form.
  5. Otherwise, the applicants can get the Green form from PACS office or Gram Panchayat Office.

Procedure to check the rejection list

The state government has announced during the launch of the scheme portal that the applicants will be able to check the beneficiary list. If the name of the applicant is not there in the beneficiary list PDF, then he/she needs to realize that the registration has been rejected. There is no separate list that highlights the names of the rejected applicants’ names.

KALIA BARTA and Helpline numbers

In case the interested applicant does not have access to the digital platforms, then he can make use of the traditional helpline number. The Odisha authority had launched and maintained a helpline number. Applicants can get their queries answers by calling on 1800 -572 – 1122.

For the dissemination of scheme related details, the state government has launched a new website. If any applicant wants to register on the KALIA BARTA service site, then he has to generate a miss call to 08061174222. It is the authorized number of this new portal. Once the applicant disconnects the call, the site will record the contact number. The applicant will soon receive an SMS from the official number that highlights the important aspects of the agro-scheme.

Using the KALIA Yojana mobile app

Most villages in the state have internet connectivity now. The farmers possess smartphones. The Odisha government wanted to distribute scheme related details to the applicants and beneficiaries via the digital platform. Thus, the Chief Minister launched the KALIA Yojana App. One can type the name of the app in Google Play Store. Then he must click on the download option to save the app in the phone. After this, the user must install and activate the app with the valid mobile number. It will generate an OTP. Entering the OTP concludes the verification and registration processes. After this, the user will be able to navigate the app dashboard and click on the various options to gather details.

Registering for KALIA WhatsApp Account

The introduction of the smartphones and the internet has made it easy for the farmers to gain access to scheme details. The applicants can also acquire KALIA Yojana details, updates and notifications via WhatsApp. The state government maintains a separate KALIA Yojana WhatsApp Account for the beneficiaries. The interested applicant has to get to the scheme website. Here, he must click on the mobile number registration option. He must enter the valid mobile number in the particular field and save it. The site will automatically send a verification notification to the person’s mobile. It will give the user access to the scheme WhatsApp account.

State government organized KALIA Yojana Camps

The Odisha Chief Minister instructed the state officials to organized camps in the remote villages so that the deserving candidates can complete their registration. It was announced that district-wise PEETHA camps arrangements will be done for the convenience of the residents. The first camp-based registrations commenced in January 2019. The remaining camps, in the other districts were set up during February and March. The interested applicants collected scheme-related details and application forms from these camps. The officials also helped them with form fill-up. Once this was done, the enrollment forms were submitted at the camp sites.

Who will make the financial allocations for the implementation of the scheme?

Ans: It is a state sponsored scheme, which means that the Odisha government will allocate the necessary funds for its implementation.

How much has the state government allocated for the scheme?

Ans: As of now, the Chief Minister has announced during the state budget that Rs. 10,000 crore has been set aside for scheme operation.

What if the applicant does not have his/her Aadhar card?

Ans: The applicant can produce voter and ration cards for supporting ID claims. But they need to link bank account with Aadhar card to receive the grant.

What are the different sources of information for this scheme?

Ans: The official helpline number is 1800-572-112. Apart from this, applicants can join the KALIA Whatsapp group at 8456099688. Applicants can register for KALIA Barta website by calling on 08061174222. Additionally, information is available on the official portal, i.e. kalia.co.in.

Is financial assistance available for both cropping seasons?

Ans: Yes! Beneficiaries will be entitled to receive financial assistance during Kharif and Rabi cropping seasons.

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