Jeevan Praman life certificate


The amazing things about Jeevan Praman life certificate

The Jeevan Praman is actually a biometric digital service that has been enabled for the pensioners. This facility can benefit a huge number of pensioners starting from central government, state government and any other organization. It has been reported that more than 1 crore families in India are pensioner families. In simple terms, the families are solely dependent on the pension of a single individual. In such a scenario, the Jeevan Praman life certificate is definitely going to help those people. The army and defense personnel who are pensioners are also included in this.

Convenient and hassle free

It cannot be denied that pension is an important source of income, especially for those who have been retired after their prolonged period of service. Since the senior citizens who have been retired, this is the only source of income in a large number of families. This income supports the families at times of emergencies and needs at this stage of life. This is the reason, it was essential to submit the life certificates to the pension disbursing agencies like banks or similar other financial institutions. And this procedure has been eased by the Central government of India through the digitalized life certificate known as the “Jeevan Praman”.

Relieving from logistical issue

To make it hassle free for the pensioners, the government has aimed to streamline the process of attaining the certificate from pensioners. This will be a huge relief since; age old persons had to take up a lot of hassle during submission of this life certificate. The pensioners shall no more be required to be present in front of the disbursing agency or banks and thus the logistical burden, expanses and hassle have been reduced down to a great extent. This one is actually a biometric enabled digital service for senior citizens and pensioners. A lot of scenarios it has been observed that it causes immense hardships for aged and infirm individuals to stand in a queue for a long time or they are not in a position to submit the life certificates by being present within the bank. Also, a lot of employees after their retirement relocate to other places after their retirement to be with their families or other reasons. This also causes too much hassle. These issues have been completely shunned off by the central government by digitalizing the life certificates and easing the overall process.

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