e Pension Adalat


e Pension Adalat

Indian Defense System has got their e-pension adalat and 138th Defense Pension Adalat that launched on 15th March 2016 in Kochi, Kerala. India has witnessed such adalat for the first time. The adalat was inaugurated by Shobhana Joshi, the Controller General of Defense Accounts at the Naval Base. This adalat was organized for the remedies of the accusations by the Defense pensioners and also for the defense civilians who are residing in the state Kerala. The principal Controller of Defense Accounts (Navy and coaster guard) Mumbai has organized this adalat for the never-ending problems that defense pensioners face.

e Pension Adalat

The adalat was solely designed to solve the financial issues regarding defense pensions. Pensioners, who are struggling with the slow Indian Financial System can now easily complaint under this e-pension adalat and ask for solutions to their problems. The pension sanction authorities of the country and the banks join hands together and come up to solve these pension related problems of Defense Officers.

The inaugural function was a huge success. There are a large number of dignitaries from defense system had attended the function. Some of the names are Joint Secretary (Ex-serviceman welfare) K Damayanti, Rear Admiral R.B. Pandit, Principal Controller of Defense Accounts (Navy) Rakesh Sehgal, Rajesh Ranjan CDA (Pensions) and many more ex-servicemen. According to Shobhana Joshi, the adalat was nicely accepted by the ex-servicemen from army, navy and other defense units. There were nearly 300 accounts have registered under this e-pension adalat before the launch of this system. It was expected that there would be more as the spot registration.

According to some of the ex-servicemen the idea of starting up an e-pension adalat is a very progressive idea for the pensioners. It has seen that ex-servicemen got to struggle a lot to receive their pensions but unfortunately they left empty handed because of the slow process of Indian Financial System sometimes. This adalat will definitely an easy way to interact with financial people and pensioners.

Shobhana Joshi has proposed a few steps that are to be taken to solve all the issues faced by the pensioners. She also concentrated on the points like provision of automated window called “suvigya” on the CDA (Pension) website. This will help the pensioners to fix their issues within no time. Shobhona Joshi has said about the prompt clearance of the pensions under the e-pension adalat. The banks and the pension sanction authorities have taken a smart step to help the ex-servicemen resided in India. As said the defense civilians can also be benefited from this adalat but the civilians should reside in Kerala only.

This e-pension adalat makes a very strong link between the pensioners and the pension sanction authorities. As now the digital world is emerging with each passing moment people can have the world at their hand easily. This huge digital step that Government has taken will definitely make a big difference in the financial world. It has said by the authorities that from now onwards pensioners will not be needed to face any discrepancy while receiving their pensions. The first ever e-pension adalat is certainly a progressing step in developing India.

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