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YSR Rice Card in Andhra Pradesh 2020 [Navasakham Login, How to Apply New Card, How to add name, Beneficiary List]

Food security for the poor was an important agenda that the new Andhra Pradesh government wanted to address. In this line, it has launched the Rice Card project for the eligible applicants. With the implementation of the YSR Navasakam Scheme, the state government will offer new Rice Cards to the beneficiaries, who are already enjoying the perks of this scheme, and those who desire to enroll for the services.

Apply For AP YSR Rice Card Online

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme YSR Rice Card Scheme
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Launched by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of announcement 2019
Date of implementation December 2019
Date of rice card issuance January 2020
Target beneficiaries Poor residents of the state
Supervised by Government of Andhra Pradesh

Key features of the scheme

  1. Quality grains to the needy people – The primary objective of this scheme is to offer quality rice grain to the poor residents.
  2. Urban and rural implementation – The distribution of the new rice cards will be carried out simultaneously in the cities and the villages of Andhra Pradesh.
  3. Cost of rice – Under the scheme, the beneficiaries will be able to purchase good quality rice from the ration stores at only Rs. 2 for every kilogram of this grain.
  4. Access to details – The new rice card will highlight the details and the registration number of the beneficiary. The details will help the government to maintain records.
  5. Food security – With the issuance of the new rice scheme cards, the state government will be able to acquire the exact figure of the beneficiaries. The details will help the government to make the necessary changes in the food security policies, to ensure better facilities for the needy people.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Only for the state residents – As the scheme implementation cost will be tackled by the state government, only the legal residents of Andhra Pradesh will be able to apply for the benefits.
  2. Financially weak applicants – The Chief Minister has mentioned that the main beneficiaries of this rice scheme will be those who fall in the financially vulnerable category.  
  3. BPL applicants – It is necessary that the applicants belong to the BPL category to attain the advantages of the rice scheme.
  4. White ration card holders – It has been highlighted in the scheme draft that the scheme benefits will be offered to those applicants who already possess the white ration card.
  5. Marginalized castes – The scheme is also open for those applicants who fall in the ST, SC and OBC categories. Members of financially weak minority communities will also be able to acquire these perks.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof documents – The state government has highlighted that the perks of this scheme will be offered to the inhabitants of this state. Thus, possessing legal residential documents is mandatory. 
  2. Identification proof – All candidates need to submit a copy of the Aadhar documents, to assist the state officials with the scrutiny process.
  3. White ration card – As the scheme has been developed and implemented for the benefit of the White ration card holders, the applicants must submit a copy of this pass, issued by the state government.
  4. Caste certificate – If the applicant belongs to the needy or marginalized castes, then he/she must offer the SC, ST or OBC certificate for scrutiny.
  5. BPL certificate – In case the applicant belongs to the BPL category, he/she needs to furnish a copy of this certificate with the registration form.
  6. Income certificate – The interested applicants need to submit their annual income certificate. It must be issued by the officer of the Gram Panchayat or the Municipal authority.
  7. New rice card – The applicants will have to submit the rice scheme registration card to attain the benefits of this scheme. With the implementation of the YSR Navasakam project, the former beneficiaries of the rice scheme will acquire new scheme cards.

How to apply for the new card?

  1. Offline application – The applicants need to converse with the government appointed volunteers for registration. Though the scheme’s official portal can be accessed by clicking on the link , it is for the officials only. Offline application process has been chosen for the convenience of the rural applicants.
  2. Data collection – The volunteers will go to the houses in a specific area and collect information.
  3. Previous registration papers – In case an applicant has already applied for this scheme, he/she need to produce the registration documents.
  4. Data verification – Once the data has been collected, these will be verified to select the candidates, which are eligible to acquire the benefits of the rice scheme.
  5. New beneficiary list – Once the verification is over, the state officials will compile the new beneficiary list. The scheduled date is on the 20th of December 2019.
  6. Issuance of rice card – If the names of the new applicants are present in the new beneficiary list, then the new YRS Rice Card will be issued by the government. The individuals who are already beneficiaries will also see their names on this list.
  7. Pass distributing – Once the cards have been issued, it will be the responsibility of the volunteers to distribute the passes to the respective beneficiaries.

Procedure to add name to the list

  1. A candidate cannot accomplish this task on his/her own. They will require the assistance of the registration volunteers. The volunteer will collect the details of the new member from the household.
  2. In case the volunteer wants to add a name in the rice scheme, then he/she needs to click on the link navasakam.ap.gov.in.
  3. When the site opens, the volunteer must click on the “Login” option and enter the credentials.
  4. Then the volunteer needs to click on the name of the welfare project.
  5. An information box will come up on the screen. The volunteer needs to type in the registration number, printed on the rice card.
  6. Then the volunteer must click on the button that is marked as “Get details/Displays details.”
  7. Then the volunteer must click on the option that is marked as “Surveyed Volunteer Name”
  8. It will trigger the site to open a new table, where all the beneficiaries’ data are stored.
  9. Then the volunteer must click on the option that is marked as “Add member”
  10. It will trigger the site to open a data table wherein the volunteer must type in the name, age, address, and other details of the new member.
  11. Once the volunteer clicks on the “Save” button, the name of the new member of the beneficiary household will be added in the scheme list.

The cost of rice in the open market is rather high. The poor and financially weak state residents cannot afford to purchase rice at these rates. The Andhra Pradesh government issues ration cards in the names of those people who are financially weak. They can get rice from the state authorized ration shops at very low rates. The Chief Minister of the state has announced that the implementation of the rice scheme will be carried in an extensive format. It will ensure that the needy families get adequate amounts of rice at reasonable rates.  

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