[Card] AP YSR Navasakam Scheme List 2020


navasakam.ap.gov.in – AP YSR Navasakam Scheme 2020 [New Card List] [Beneficiary, How to Apply, Eligibility, Benefits, Start Last Date, Final Rejection List]

Different welfare schemes have been started by the Andhra Pradesh state government. The main aim of the scheme is the betterment of poor people. The CM of the state has initiated a new scheme that will help to maintain details of the beneficiaries of the 12 states’ welfare schemes. Thus, the new YSR Navasakam scheme has been launched. Read the following part of the article to know more about the entitled scheme. 

Name of the scheme YSR Navasakam scheme
Launched by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Launched in Andhra Pradesh
Scheme announcement date November 2019
Scheme implementation date December 2019
Supervised by Andhra Pradesh government 
Official website http://navasakam.ap.gov.in/
Toll-Free Helpline Number Yet to be declared
Target Group Citizens of Andhra Pradesh 

Benefits of the scheme

  1. Separate scheme cards for beneficiaries – With successful implementation of the scheme, it will be easy for the state government to check details of the beneficiaries and provide them separate cards. 
  2. Easy access to information – Often, beneficiaries tend to forget the scheme for which they have applied. With the beneficiary passes, it will be easy for candidates to easily remember and keep track of the schemes.
  3. Proper record maintenance – When the cards will be given to beneficiaries, it shall help the officials to get access to beneficiaries of other government schemes as well. This way, the officials can get access to the data and maintain its proper record.
  4. Faster grievance solving – In case any candidate is yet to receive the scheme benefits, they can submit a complaint. With details of the scheme card, it will be easy for the officials to check the details and claims and, therefore, take necessary actions to offer the benefits to the individual.

Registration procedure and beneficiary list

  1. Manual survey will be conducted – By procedure of manual surveys to be conducted in the villages, it will help officials to identify the beneficiaries under 12 schemes.
  2. Enrollment – Volunteer and state officials will start collecting the details of beneficiaries from the villages. 
  3. List of beneficiaries – After completion of registration, a primary beneficiary list will be declared by the state government that shall contain the name of the candidates.
  4. Background scrutiny – After submission of the application form, the officials will do the background check of the candidates and check the registration forms submitted.
  5. Complains from the applicants – The state government has allowed the officials to submit their objections. Following this, it is the responsibility of the state officials to try and resolve the complaints. 
  6. Beneficiary selection and list drafting – After officials have solved the objections, they are responsible for drafting the beneficiary list.
  7. Final list publication – After drafting of the list, the final list will be published in the official portal on the 20th of December by the state government. Following this, the officials will have to issue the scheme cards for the help of the candidates.

Projects that the scheme includes

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister thinks that beneficiaries under 12 schemes will be enrolled together under the YSR Navasakam scheme.Only after completion of the registration procedure, the scheme cards will be given to the candidates that can use to know about updates and get the benefits. A list of the new scheme cards is given below.

SL. No. Name of the scheme beneficiary card
1 YSR Zero Interest Scheme card
2 YSR MatsyakaraBharosa Card
3 AmmaVodi Scheme card
4 YSR Arogyasri card
5 YSR KapuNestam Scheme Card
6 JaganannaVidyaDeevana Card
7 YSR Rice card
8 YSR NetannaHastam Scheme card
9 YSR Pension card
10 JaganannaVasathiDeevana card
11 YSR SunnaVaddiPadhakam Scheme
12 Free Reimbursement card

Through this unique project, it becomes easy to collect and monitor records of beneficiaries suitably as per the state-sponsored scheme. This way, it is possible to help the needy people of the state.

Scheme Last Date in 2020

Date Official task
20th November The enrolment begins
30thNovember The enrolment ends
1st December First draft of beneficiary list comes out 
2nd to 7thDecember Official will scrutinize application form
10th to 14thDecember Submission of application form to state objections
15th to 18thDecember Final selection of applicants
20thDecember Final beneficiary list will be declared
1st January New schemes will be issued


1. What are the important documents that applicants need to produce at the time of registration?

Answer: Candidates must submit identity proof documents like voter ID card, Aadhaar card that shall help officials to scrutinize the background of the applicants.

2. Is the scheme open for non-residents of the state?

Answer: No, only the legal and permanent residents of the state can avail of the scheme benefits.  

3. Will any money be charged from the applicants for beneficiary cards?

Answer: No, after the application process, the card will be given to the beneficiaries free of cost by the state government.

4. Who will fund the project?

Answer: The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh declared that the cost required for the successful implementation of the scheme would be given by the state government. 

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