Andhra Pradesh Cabinet Clears Welfare Policy for Transgenders


Andhra Pradesh Cabinet Clears Welfare Policy for Transgenders

The state government of Andhra Pradesh has launched a new beneficiary scheme for the transgender within the state. According to the new scheme the state government has ensured that the transgender will be provided with numerous benefits including education loan, business loan, financial assistance, ration cards facility and pension under the social security funds.

Launch details

The new scheme to be launched was announced by the CM Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu officially on 16th Dec 2017 in a cabinet meeting. The scheme was also briefed by the Minister for Municipal Administration Mr P Narayana and Mr. Kalava Srinivasulu (Information and PR).

Benefits of the scheme

  • General Benefits – According to the sources transgender will be getting identical status as compared to other citizens of state. They will be provided with loan schemes, ration cards, housing plots, business plans, pension plans and other financial assistance by the state government.
  • Monthly incentive – The state government ahs also made it very clear that it shall be providing with a monthly incentive of Rs 1500 to each of the eligible transgender of the state. This amount will be provided by the state government to the transgender under the pension scheme launched by the social security department.
  • Beneficiaries – The government has stated that the benefit of the scheme will be provided to over 26,000 transgender within the state, who are expected to get registered under this scheme.
  • Other benefits – The government has also announced that it shall be providing with additional benefits to the transgender. It has announced that for their social status the government shall be constructing toilet facilities for transgender in various public places including cinema halls, malls and other places.
  • Subsidy – According to the sources the government also aims at providing transgender with bus pass for travelling at a very subsidized rate. Apart from this the government will also be offering them with education loan at subsidized rate along with various scholarship programs for the children in their group. This is to ensure that they are able to access educational facilities just like normal kids in schools and colleges.

Eligibility criteria

  • To be eligible under the scheme for taking its full benefit, the beneficiary has to belong to the transgender class of the society. He or she may have to submit a proof of medical certificate or other ID to proof his sex status.
  • It is also obvious that the beneficiary will only be offered with benefit if he or she belongs to the state of Andhra Pradesh by birth. It is important to submit a copy of their birth certificate to the concerned authority at the time of registration for benefit.
  • The benefit will only be provided to the transgender who is officially above 18 years of age. Any loan facility or pension scheme can only be claimed by beneficiary if he or she is above 18 years of legal age.

With the latest implementation for the transgender rights in the state, the government aims at offering them with their social identity and equal status opportunity. This will help them step forward and stand along with other individuals of the society for their rights of earning and education.

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