Women Pension Scheme in Telangana

Women Pension Scheme in Telangana

The chief minister of the newly born state Telangana Mr. K Chandrasekhara Rao, earlier this month announced a scheme by which the women who are helpless would able to get financial assistance from the state government.With the motive of improving livelihood for the single and helpless women in the state, the government has launched this pension scheme said by the CM Mr. Rao.

Women Pension Scheme in Telangana

Single Women Pension Scheme in Telangana State

From the upcoming financial year which is from April 2017, the state government is about to provide Rs.1000 to the helpless single women in the state in form of pension. By providing so, the living standards of those women will get improved and also it will boost the confidence level among them to live better life.

Several women who are facing hard times in their life because of being single and help less are now being financially protected with the introduction of new rules by the state government of Telangana. As per the records collected by the state government many such helpless women gets engaged with daily work wages and prefers to be a housemaid and so.

By this new pension scheme, the financial level of those women might get improved and it will be a fruitful thing for them. This new pension scheme would help single women in many ways apart from feeding themselves; they can take care of their basis things like carrying educations, paying their utility bills and so.

Details about Single Women Pension Scheme

  • For the implementation of this single women pension scheme, the state government of Telangana is allotted the budget of Rs. 150 Crore from its state budget scheme.
  • In order to receive thousand rupees as the pension amount under this scheme launched by the state government, the respective women must be a single and also should belongs to the BPL category.
  • The state government allows only the women from BPL (Below Poverty Line) which is the annual income of the respective women must be below the two lakh from availing financial assistance from this pension scheme.
  • The farmers and handloom person, who got deceased and left their wives helpless in the state of telangana can avail financial assistance under this helpless women pension scheme of the state.
  • In addition to that, the women from the lower caste and minority communities too can apply for receiving pension amount from the state. It is noted that more than 80% of the helpless women in the state are from the low caste and minority groups.


Though, the scheme is highly welcomed by several group of peoples in the society, still people seek proper guidelines for the officials to follow on providing pensions to the women who are in need of such assistance desperately. State government of Telangana should be very careful on blocking all the ways of misusing this helpless women pension scheme.

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