Raajdhara Portal App

Raajdhara Portal App

Rajasthan, being one of the most prominent tourist states, has taken a technologically advanced step to help the tourists. The Rajasthan state government will soon launch a mobile app and online portal called Raajdhara App. The app will help the inhabitants as well as tourists who are not friendly with the state to find location, travel, tourism and many more things about the state.

Raajdhara App and Portal

The official online Raajdhara portal can be found in here http://gis.rajasthan.gov.in/. This is the official website where people can find the location and other travel related information. Also the portal will help the user to find everything he/she needs.

The user needs to register with the portal to access Raajdhara. To register they can use their Aadhaar ID, Facebook ID or Google+ ID. This is for the citizens of the state. For others Aadhaar is needed.

The app will be available in leading operating systems. The users will need to register with the app too before using it. Though as of now nothing is revealed about the registration in the app.

Features of the app

  • The App is launched by the state government of Rajasthan to help people who are new to the state. This is mainly because of the international and national tourist or those who walk into the state for job or study.
  • Raajdhara App will be available on Android and iOS platform across the nation. International tourist can download the app when they will arrive in the state easily to find anything at any location.
  • Raajdhara App is almost similar like Google maps. Users can easily find places, see the location, get to know about the distance between two places and also they will get to know about restaurants, hospitals and other landmarks.
  • The app amalgamates everything that users need to know about the state Rajasthan. The app also allows the users to know about the latest government schemes that will be launched or already launched in the state.
  • Of course Google map does not show you such things. Industrial projects, tourism and travel related things, information about hospitals and nearest health centres in case of emergency and such will also be available in the app.
  • There will be other features in the app like image and video gallery where users can upload images and videos and also will get to see others’ uploaded images, road maps, locations, nearest landmarks and many other things that will help the user to know about the state.
Features Raajdhara App Google Maps
Roads Yes Yes
Locations Yes Yes
Image and video gallery Yes No
Government schemes Yes No

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