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Register in Punjab Old Age Pension Scheme (Senior Citizen)

The state government of Punjab, on regular basis implements beneficial schemes for its people. With an aim to offer financial assistant to senior citizens the state government has announced the launch of a new pension scheme termed as Punjab Old Age Pension scheme.  Under the new scheme the government of the state will offer senior citizens with additional pension amount.

Punjab Old Age Pension Scheme

Launch Details

  • The new scheme was officially launched for the year 2017 – 18 by the Punjab government under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh led state government.
  • The Punjab government has also launched the pension scheme via its online web portal services for the people of the state, for speeding up the process of launch.

Key Features

  • The people of the state will be able to take full benefit of the scheme both online and offline to get registered under the pension scheme.
  • Under the new pension scheme the state government of Punjab shall be offering beneficiaries with a pension amount of Rs 500.
  • The state government has also made it very clear that the new pension scheme is open for people belonging to any class or category of the society, irrespective of their sex.
  • To get full benefit under the new scheme online the people of the state can log on to the official website via http://punjab.gov.in. The application forms can also be filled in online via the same web portal.

Eligibility criteria

  • According to sources, residents of Punjab state are only eligible to be registered under the scheme. Candidate has to be citizen of state by birth.
  • The beneficiary also has to be 58 years or age (women) and 65 years of age (men) at the time of registration under the scheme.
  • The beneficiary at the time of registration should not be employed with any private sector. The scheme is only for unemployed citizens.
  • The scheme is also not valid for any beneficiary who is self employed or having any other source of fixed income that exceeds Rs 60,000 annually.
  • Any beneficiary who is holding any commercial property in his name will also not be eligible under the scheme.
  • In case the beneficiary is owner of a residential property, then to be registered under the scheme he or she should not have residential property over 200 square yards in any urban locality.
  • A beneficiary who is a legal taxpayer is also not eligible for getting the benefit under the pension scheme as per the rules.

Documents required

  • At the time of registration, the beneficiary will have to provide with a copy of their identification proof including Birth certificate, certificate issued by hospital for registration, high school certificate, voting card id, voters name list, Aadhar card etc.
  • The beneficiary will have to submit a copy of valuation of the residential property he or she is holding in their name. The valuation has to be done by Patwari.
  • Along with the application the candidate has to submit a self attested letter acknowledging that all details mentioned are true.
  • In case the candidate belongs to any particular caste or class then he or she may have to provide with a copy of their caste or class certificate.

How to get form

To get the form online candidate will have to visit the official government website Punjab.gov.in from their web browser and then select to fill it online or offline.

How to apply

  • Via online procedure, visit the Punjab government website and then select as a new or returning user (in case you have your Login id and PW).
  • If you are first time users then you will have to generate ID and PW that can be used for logging in to your account from the web portal.
  • When creating profile you have to submit all detailed information for updating your profile. Then you can select online application form for filling in details.
  • Your select has to be made from amongst different schemes and services from the main page. Once selected you have to click the “apply” option.
  • The selection of application form has to be made from the options provided. You have to complete the form by providing your details.
  • When filling in your details ensure that you avoid making mistakes. Once all details have been provided by you then you just have to click the “submit” option.
  • You can also save the application form for your future reference so you can verify with its status at any time. You also have to submit all your documents along with the application form as upload format.

Offline submission

  • You can download it and fill in all details in offline mode so you may not have to stay connected to the internet when filling.
  • Once filled you just have to upload the form on the web portal using the upload link provided.

The government of the state wants to offer senior citizens with best benefits so they get to enjoy their retirement life with various government pension schemes.

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