Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme Yojana in Kerala

 Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme Yojana

The Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme has been launched by Kerala government that will give pension to Kerala NRIs. According to this scheme, the NRI will be able to avail the pension scheme. For this, they have to make a one-time payment of rupees 5 lakh. Therefore,Mr. P. Sathasivam, governor of the state has announced for the scheme in the state assembly.   

Name of the scheme Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme


Scheme launched in Kerala


Scheme supervised by Mr. P. Sathasivam, governor of Kerala


Scheme has been launched in Kerala state assembly


Target beneficiaries Non Resident Keralites


Aim of the scheme To give scheme to NRIs in Kerala


Key features of the scheme

  • Aim of scheme – The Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme has been launched by initiation of Kerala government to provide pension to NRIs in Kerala. This will be done after a one-time payment of 5 lakh rupees. It also aims to benefit Pravasi Malayalis.
  • Deposited amount – The amount for the scheme would be given in relation to Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board that will help in the improvement of infrastructural projects.
  • Portal setup – Special portal would be set up in relation to this scheme through which the eligible candidates will be able to know about the information pertaining to this scheme.
  • Development of Kerala – The Kerala government is also looking after the development of the state, and for the same, it has initiated Loka Kerala Sabha. With the help of this, the state will make use of the resources and expertise of Kerala NRIs and make the necessary growth in the state.
  • Amount given for the scheme – As an annual remittance, an amount of 1, 52,348 crore rupees has been given.

What are the eligibility criteria for this scheme?

  • Residents of Kerala – The scheme has been launched for the development of Pravasi Malayalis. Therefore, only the NRIs of Kerala are eligible to avail the benefits of the scheme.
  • Total number of beneficiaries – Almost 21 lakh migrants of Kerala origin has migrated to different parts of the world. Other than this, most of NRKs are living in Middle East countries.
  • Identity proof of beneficiaries – Only the Kerala NRIs are eligible to opt for thescheme, and they have to introduce their identity proof in the form of Voter ID card, Aadhaar card, ration card, and others.
  • Income certificate – The NRIs of the strata opting for the scheme have to introduce their income certificate when applying for the pension scheme.

Documents required and application process of scheme

  • Residential certificate – The person have to introduce the required documents that will support the fact that they are NRIs from Kerala. People belonging to other states will not be able to apply for the scheme.
  • Income certificate – The income certificate of the NRI will be required when they are being considered to avail the pension scheme benefits.
  • Identity proof – Along with the above said documents, the candidate also have to introduce their identity certificate.

However, no such information has been declared about the application form of the pension scheme. As soon as it comes up, the eligible candidates will be the first one to know about it. The candidates have to download the application form from the online portal address that will be provided relating to this scheme.

Therefore, with the launch of Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme, the state authority will be able to develop the condition of the state. Also, the pension scheme will be of immense help to the NRIs in Kerala.

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