Patrakar Pension Samman Yojana (Rs 6000) in Bihar

Patrakar Pension Samman Yojana (rs 6000) in Bihar

Patrakar Samman Yojana is a scheme to honor the efforts of the journalists. This scheme will allow them to get the benefit of pension from the state government. This scheme was put in place for the elderly journalists so that they can spend the rest of their lives without financial woes.

Patrakar Pension Samman Yojana (rs 5000) in Bihar


  • Only a retired journalist having at least 20 years of experience in the field is eligible for this. Also the journalist should be of 60 years at least to get this pension.
  • Also the journalist should have Information Public Relation department (IPRD) accreditation. They should be verified journalists. Only then they can withdraw the pension.

Benefits under the Yojana

As per the current scheme a journalist is liable to get a pension of Rs. 6,000 per month. The journalists asked to increase the amount but the CM refused to increase it. This scheme ensures that the journalists who have reached old age can live comfortably. It is a monthly pension scheme.

Problem Faced By Journalist

There are several issues that the journalists are facing. One of the prime issues is the shortage of funds. First of all, they are not receiving adequate funds from the center of state. This is why they asked the CM to increase the amount. Another issue that plagues journalists is the fact that not all of them get the IPRD accreditation. Without this accreditation many of the eligible journalists are unable to withdraw their funds.

Rules of EPFO in the Condition

The existing EPFO rules were becoming a hurdle in implementing the pension scheme. There was a new amendment made in the year 2015. However, due to the rules mentioned under the pension, those who are already taking the pension from the EPFO are not qualified for this scheme. This is why the rules are not allowing eligible journalists to take the benefits.

What CM Nitish Kumar Said?

The CM was also very keen on mentioning the hurdles in the announcement. He also acknowledged the EPFO rules and how they were coming in between the implementation of this scheme. This was causing a little bit of problem in the implementation.

He asked the journalists what would ensure that the journalists have worked for 20 years in the field. Concrete suggestions and methods of certifying are needed to make this possible. He just mentioned that he wants to first commence the scheme according to the current rate of payment. The CM also mentioned that the IPRD accreditation should not be included in the qualifying criteria. Not every journalist gets that accreditation. Hence he is all set to make the necessary changes to this scheme.

What Journalist Want?

Earlier under the guidance of the law department a new opinion had formed. The law department suggested that the journalists getting pension under the CPFO should not take pension from the state government. But the journalists expressed their grievance for the same. Hence the CM immediately called the IPRD head and enquired about the hurdles.


On hearing the CM’s instructions the previous law department’s suggestion was discarded. The journalists are now given dues even if they receive dues from the CPFO. Also, all working journalists do not get the IPRD accreditation. This is the reason such accreditation shall no longer be the sole verifiable route.

If this scheme gets approved by its new rules then the journalists will have their needs met. They can be eligible for the scheme even if they are getting the central government’s grants for the same. Also they might get an increased payment. More journalists can join this scheme because the accreditation will no longer be necessary.

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