Haj application process in UP likely to be linked with Aadhaar

Haj application process in UP likely to be linked with Aadhaar

The Uttar Pradesh Govt. has announced a very important initiative in connection with the Haj Pilgrimage it sends to Mecca every year. Under the leadership of newly elected CM Yogi Adityanath, the govt. has decided to link the application process of Haj pilgrimage to Aadhar card. This will be implemented very soon in the system by the concerned Ministry. This initiative is likely to bring transparency in the applications received for Haj pilgrimage each and every year and will track any such discrepancies occurred during the entire process. This is a welcome initiative by the Uttar Pradesh govt. to link Aadhar with the Haj pilgrimage as this will make sure everyone would get fair chance of pilgrimage.

Haj application process in UP likely to be linked with Aadhaar

Main aim of the Aadhar linking initiative

By linking the Aadhar card with the pilgrims of Haj pilgrimage, the govt. wants to create a clear database of those who are availing this trip. Aadhar is a unique identity which almost every individual has in the country. Thus, in the procedure of selection of pilgrims, he linking of Aadhar card will be very beneficial to remove delicacies and have a transparent system. This step by the UP govt. will also ensure that those who really want to go or are poor may also get fair chance of pilgrimage of Haj.

Why there was a need of such initiative?

This initiative of Aadhar linking with applications of Haj was the need of the hour and a good initiative by the Uttar Pradesh state govt.

  • As there are several instances of duplicities where only those who are rich or influential get the chance of pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • And the poor Muslims had to struggle hard for getting a fair chance. The system was that only influential and rich Muslims got easy access to the Mecca trip and used to go multiple times, thus eliminating scopes for the poor Muslims.
  • This benefit for which the Indian govt. also provides Haj subsidy should reach every Muslim equally and everyone should get fair chance of at least once to visit the Haj.
  • And by linking the Aadhar cards with the applications, the govt. will get the biometric as well as demographic details of every individual.
  • So every time a duplicate application has been filed for the pilgrimage, it could be easily detected and phased out of the Haj application system.
  • Every state has its own quota of Haj pilgrimage which is 29,000 at present for Uttar Pradesh. So eliminating duplicities will ensure genuine applicants to get fair chance of pilgrimage.

Ministry of Minority Affairs of Uttar Pradesh – the governing authority

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