Atal Ashray Yojana

Atal Ashray Yojana

Modi government does not leave a single stone unturned to develop the under developed areas in India. 20 Atal Ashray Yojana is one of them. The scheme was launched in Madhya Pradesh by the state government. However it is a major part of the Central government scheme called Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana aka PMAY. This new scheme, launched in Madhya Pradesh, is a twin sister scheme of PMAY. The rules and the policies under this scheme are almost same as PMAY rules and regulations. 20 AAY is exclusively launched for the people who are living under economically weaker group and are not able to buy their own house.

Key Features of 20 Atal Ashray Yojana

  • The scheme 20 AAY is launched in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is a major part of the housing development scheme namely Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana by Modi Government. It is a housing development scheme for the under developed people.
  • Under this scheme 20 areas across the state will be considered for the housing development. These areas include rural and remote rural areas as well. People who are unable to buy their own house will be able to get their homes within these 20 places.
  • It is a loan scheme where people can request for housing loan and on each loan government will provide 6.5% subsidy to the applicant. People who are earning not more than 1 lakh per annum and 1 to 2 lakh per annum are eligible for the loan.

Eligibility Criteria

The scheme is solely for the people who belong to economically weaker sections and under lower income groups. Under this scheme anyone who earns not more than 2 lakh per annum can apply for the housing loan. Applicants who earn not more than 1 lakh per annum can apply for 1 BHK flats and people who earn 1 to 2 lakh per annum are eligible for 2 BHK flats.

How to apply for the loan under 20 AAY

The scheme is, as said, almost same as PMAY. The application process is also similar in this case. The applicant will get the online forms in the PMAY official website. Applicants need to fill up the form by entering some basic details such as name, age, annual income, address, nature of profession and also they have to specify whether they belong to EWS and LIG category or not.

Documents Required:

One has to submit some documents along with the application form. The required docs are Aadhaar Card or any other address and photo proof, Pay slip (income proof), the desired flat/house plan and such.

Price of the houses and Allotment Process:

Cost of the houses/flats is different for different groups. On an average the cost lies between 5 lkah to 14 lakh. 5 – 8 lakhs for the EWS people and 11 – 14 lakh fro LIG category. The allotment of the houses will be done by lottery service. After applying for the preferable location the applicant must wait for the lottery. If they get lucky and won the lottery, they will be allotted their desired flats in desired location.

Number of houses available under 20 AAY:

The total number of houses available under 20 AAY is 3395. These houses will be personal homes and as far as the flats are concerned there will be 1372 flats will be available under 20AAY.

20 Areas under 20 AAY:

Locations 20 AAY
Bhopal 1.   Bhoj Agar

2.   Tal Parisar

Seon 3.   Satpura Parisar

4.   Mowgli Parisar

Dindori 5.   Armada Parisar
Tendukheda 6.   Durgawati Puam
Vidisha 7.   Mahavir Agar
Mungaoli 8.   Luvkush Agar
Biaora 9.   Maa Jalpa Agar
Atul 10.                     Kosmi Agar
Susner 11.                     Trimurti Agar
Karera 12.                     Son Chiraya Agar
Kasnawar 13.                     Shiv Agar Colony
Singrauli 14.                     Sun City
TNA 15.                     Sant Bihar
  16.                     Rajeshwari Dham
Damoh 17.                     Raj Agar
Guna 18.                     Avant Garh
Tikamgarh 19.                     Ram Raja Agar
Hor 20.                     Divya Agar

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